Renae’s First True Connection.

It makes me very heartened to hear stuff like this. It was on QRAC by Renae, she said: so today by the grace of Allah I made my first connection in Qur’aan by myself! Thanks God! I always wondered what it meant when Allah tells us that People of the Book “killed Prophets” because I know Jesus was not killed, so it couldn’t be him …then today I read verse 3:81 and it says how… “…of KILLING the Prophets by defying of right…” 183 and 184 of the same chapter are further proof that “killing” is indeed rejecting or forgetting what they came with… subhan’Allah.

My comment: I do believe it’s connections like these which keep us on the path. May Renae get many more of these , and may we all get them too 🙂


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