Maaz’s question on Contradiction of 4/78-79

Our new member in QRAC, Maaz asked this question: Aren’t these verses contradicting?
”Good and bad everything comes from allah.” (4:78)…
”Good comes from allah and bad is from our own soul.” (4:79)

To me, it’s not because we’re dealing two different realities. Allah’s reality which is the objective reality and the delusion or false reality of the soul (tahwa an-nafs, see 53/32).

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One Response to Maaz’s question on Contradiction of 4/78-79

  1. Mansoor says:

    in my opinion. (plz confirm for scholar for better judgment)

    Actually these verses eloborating two perspectives.
    Like this: in Quran “You see these mountains are stationary, no, these are flaying like coulds.
    in another statement ” Mountains are engraved in earth like nails”
    (nearabout translation)
    So, Quran teaches as with different perspective. that don’t be limited. think, watch/ oberseve with different state of mind.
    When you think that ” Good is from Allah and Bad is from your deeds” this is mental sate called “Muqam Dui”
    when you say that “every things come from Allah” this is a state of “Muqam Yaktai”.
    (God Knows better)

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