QuranVsHadith speaks on issues with Translations

Interesting post in Quranology Discussions today by our new friend QuranVsHadith:  

Word of CAUTION: to my brothers and sister who rely soley on the ENGLISH Translations of the QURAN … Today someone posted a link to http://corpus.quran.com/ with a number of translations available there..I was reviewing them and found that the SAHIH INTERNATIONAL version is the MOST HADIHTERIZED version out there.. (Please avoid). …then Mohsin Khan has taken too many liberties with parentheis in his version. they are not used to explain the words rather to convey his pesonal opinions on the subject. Similary..ABERRY has taken too many literary liberties and the use of totally incorrect words in the translation.. Peace
I broadly agree with QVH here. However, is there any way out of this? Can we ever eliminate the subjectivity which comes with the act of translation? I can’t see how. The Quran’s truth will remain something which is disclosed in the realm of personal experience.



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One Response to QuranVsHadith speaks on issues with Translations

  1. Mansoor says:

    Try to learn Arabic language its best. learn the related subject needed to translate Quran. and last continue more and more simple Quran recitation will ultimate intute in your heart with best translation.

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