The Ha Meem chapter Block

Which are chapters 40-46. Read it in the masjid today. I think its a chapter block owing to the fact they all start with ha meem (which I have no idea what it means). However, thematically speaking. they are very diverse. Chapter 40 seems to focus on musa vs firaun. 41 about the quran in our lives. 42 about the link process of revelation and its translation into social action. 43 about adh-dhikr and its relation to the prophets. 44 is about the quran and its link to social action. 45 is about appreciation of signs and bani israil. 46 is about kitabun musa and the jinn.

I wonder if there is a process being suggested here?


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One Response to The Ha Meem chapter Block

  1. Mansoor says:

    There is also a hikmat in diversity. continuity make it a novel and a novel you read once and thats it. another time you will read novel, getting bore. But Quran more your read , more your discover.

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