Ask Not – 5/101

5/101 is a very interesting verse. It tells us to not ask about things which if disclosed, will trouble us. Yet if we ask when the Quran itself is being revealed , it will be disclosed. A very interesting discussion about that in QRAC.

To me, it’s all about what things you ask about. The Quran’s stories are a detailed exposition of every thing. Therefore, what is to Allah a ‘thing’ is mentioned in the Quran itself.  It really is all we need.

Ramadhan Plans

I cant help but think Ramadhan as the Muslims understand it is a cultural thing. This is no way diminishes its importance in my eyes although it does cast a new light on ramadhan in the Quran. It makes that ramadhan is a process far closer to my existence than before. We had a great discussion on Quranology Discussions about Ramadhan. Check it out.