Some Du’as from the Quran

by Asfora in QRAC today. To me, these are more like mindsets you need to adopt:

A suggestion for a Quranist’s Dua – suggestions for adding to it or other versions would be most welcome, if you like… no compulsion 🙂

Please note – the Quran refs are in brackets for reference and to aid self study but the words in this “dua” are not translations of the verses

A oodu billahi minash shaytany rajeem (I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan)
bismillah arrahmaan arraheem (In the name of God the most merciful the most gracious)

O Rabbilalameen
Please make me ever more grateful for the blessings you bestowed on me, (46:15 ) because if I were to try to count all the blessings I never could do it (14:34) (16:18).

La illaha illallah. (37:35) Please guide me on the straight path (40:38), guide me the straight way (1:6), keep me away from the fire (3:185). Please grant us good in this life and good in the next (2:201). Please have mercy on my parents for they raised me when I was young (17:24), and grant me righteousness in my offspring (46:15)

Please forgive me, forgive my sins (11:90) and help me to forgive other people (2:109) (45:14). Please forgive all the believers and grant us access into paradise. (24:62) Please increase me in knowledge (20:114) and help me to use my logic and reason (12:2). Please purify my heart (8:11) and take away the things that make me sin (7:161). Please fill my heart with love, faith (49:7) hope (26:51) charity, kindness (2:263), strength (8:2) determination (31:17) purity (56:79) and honesty (6:152).

Rabbana! You have no partners or offspring (112:3). You guide (24:46) and protect whoever you wish (10:103) to be blessed (4:69).
You are the best of all planners (8:30), the best of all judges (10:109). I have complete trust in you (3:173) and I serve you, and you alone (39:11).
I end my prayer by saying “La illaha illa huwa, alhamdulillahi rabbilalameen” (10:10)

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2 Responses to Some Du’as from the Quran

  1. Hassan says:

    Beautiful brother. 🙂

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