Yahoo Answers – If hadith is essential to understand and practice Quran, then…?

Interesting discussion in Yahoo Answers today:

If hadith is essential to understand and practice Quran, then does that mean the Quran is useless without hadith?

We have lost many, many hadith to time, history and harsh recording circumstances of the past. We must have lost a HUGE deal of hadith. Does that mean we are possibly misunderstanding the Quran?

Why isn’t hadith protected if it’s the “key” to open the Quran’s treasures?

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Vaxoco Kabana – Why, I can relate!

2 days ago

seven8six – That doesn’t answer my question. Also, Hadith is not the same as Sunnah. 🙂
Thank you for answering though.

2 days ago

Dang!!! – I love the comment, but just wanted to point out that “hadith” is not always used in the Quran as useless information. The Quran itself is called “ahsanul hadith”, and there are many other cases such as, “did you hear of the hadith of Musa?”

2 days ago

anza m – Does that mean the Quran is not enough?

1 day ago

Omed – Thank you so much for clarifying it. However, I want to point out that those who accept hadith do not believe it’s the personal wish of Muhammed, but rather also revelation. At least I did when I used to be a Sunni.

They even quote the verses that say “He does not speak of wishes; it is but a revalation being revealed” which is obviously taken out of context. Many use that phrase to claim anything Prophet Muhammed ever said was a revelation (which hadith itself does not even support since it shows how the Prophet would sometimes give orders then fail or change his mind!).

I just want to ask them that, if hadith is wahi/revelation, then why didn’t Allah (st) bother to save and protect it?

1 day ago

Mushu – My Mushu, clever as usual!

Quran – I agree. 🙂

1 day ago

learnisl… – That’s such a new way to see it! Thanks! 🙂
My personal answer was this:
I like to ask this question:

Imagine you were the first caliph, Abu Bakr. Almost all the sahabas were around and the memories of the Prophet was still fresh. Of course being Abu Bakr you read the Quran and you know the message must be brought to the whole of humankind. So why didn’t you gather all the sahabas together and a produce a ‘compendium of the Prophet as authenticated by all the sahabas’. Why did we need Bukhari to come along 250 years to do the job the sahabas should have done in the first place? If hadith was crucial to the faith, it wouldn’t have been so carelessly handled. There is absolutely no doubt what is ‘The Quran’ yet among the Sunnis themselves, debates are going on about what are true hadith.

Answer: Because the sahabas were never concerned about hadith. They knew what was TRULY Islam.

Why ‘tuhilloo’ in 5/2?

Good question by Josh today in Quranology Discussions : ‎5/2 […] Do not [lā] violate [tuḥillū] rights [shaʿāira] of Allah […]

Why is the word tuḥillū translated as ‘violate’ when the same verb (in a slightly different form) is used in 9/37, translated as ‘make lawful’?

My answer was: It could have been ‘tahilloo’ (active tense) but it’s ‘tuhilloo’ which take to mean ‘do not accidentally make it halal’