19 Fundamentalism

Sadly, the 19 rhetoric continues over at Quranology Discussions. Now, Edip has made a rather fundamentalist remark – either you accept 19 or your either an ingrate or a hypocrite – type talk. Edip said:

The prophetic fullfillment of the number 19 has proved this point millions of times. On this very forum, you will see many who give lipservice to the Quran, yet demonstrate ignorance and arrogance against one of its greatest signs. The Quran is a great miracle that only those few who value truth and The Truth above everything can witness.

In other words, those who reject the 19 code are simply giving ‘lip service’ to the Quran. This would include Mr Parwez and Mr Shiekh whose works on the Quran have helped many see the light. This is a fundamentalist attitude which is characteristic of the many people whom Edip himself opposes.


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