Ifti asks the 19ers some tough questions…

With ’19 fever’ going on in Quranology Discussions, Ifti came up with some hard to answer questions:

 Have a question to all 19ers whoever can answer, i asked for it a lot of times but yet not answered,
1. Why check for 19 in only Quran?
2. Why cannot we add 19 complied verses in the Quran? when removal is possible i guess addition too.
3. Before 1000 years ( a rough number) wasnt there any other person who invented 19 code? If this is …the only way to verify the Quran God let others wander?
4. If 19 is the only method to check the Quran and being so effective why God does not mention in the Quran that there is this 19 thing to check?
5. What is the possibility of not having any verse added in the past by any intelligent person who was aware of 19 before RK but was not a believer?
6. RK being an amazing person to have found the code 19 the only method in how Quran was preserved why his name is not in the Quran? like Muhammad, Abraham etc.
( If RK is the first person to discover 19 then its a new revelation not the same message other messengers are delivering).
Note: please post your answers by mentioning the Question no.
Thank you

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