My response to the term ‘Just Muslim’

We had an interesting discussion thanks to Asfora’s repost of her essay ‘Submitters and Quranists’ on Quranology Discussions where the term ‘just muslim without any sects’ came up. Here is my opinion on that along with a simile i devised:

 ‎’Just muslim’ is an untenable term anyway. It’s equivalent of saying ‘im just a computer user’ when asked ‘which operating system do you use’. The fact is, one can only access a pc’s facilities with an operating system, just as one can only access the universal principles of islam through a methodology. Quranists acknowledge that there are in fact other access methods but feel that their operating system is the most efficient. Submitters/19ers/Rashadite​s however feel that thier operating system is IT, anyone who rejects it are simply not computer users at all.

The deceptive “Just Muslim” label


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One Response to My response to the term ‘Just Muslim’

  1. Asfora says:

    Salaam Aleykum
    Here is a link to the new re-vamped Quranists Welcome Pack

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