Latest answer to the ‘he named you muslims’ argument

it depends on how you read 22/78. You can either read in in full (the passage starts with 22/77 call  ‘oh you who believe) or u can pluck out the phrase ‘huwa sammakum al-muslimeen’ (he named you al-muslimeen) and infer that Allah named us muslims. I am very reluctant to read plucked out verses, never mind plucked out phrases. This is how Traditionalist Muslims came to justify hadith and I wont fall into the same trap, insha Allah.

I read 22/77-78 in full. 22/77 says to me:
1. bow
2. prostrate
3. worship Allah
4. habitualise the good
then 22/78 says to me:
5. strive for Allah with the striving he deserves
6. he has placed no difficulty in deen
7. its the millah of our father ibrahim

then this phrase comes ‘he named you muslims’. So being a ‘muslim’ has been defined very clearly with the 7 items above. It’s not a literal name but rather an essence or a description of something.

Here’s another answer of mine in Quranology Discussions:

I think it’s really strange how you ‘just muslim’ guys read ‘he named you al-muslimeen’ very literally yet the VERY NEXT PHRASE is either completely ignored or taken metaphorically (I don’t know cuz you guys never mention it, hehe).

22/78 actually says

huwa sammakumu almuslimeen : He ‘named’ you al-muslimeen

min qablu wafee hatha: from before and in this

liyakoona alrrasoolu shaheedan AAalaykum: THAT THE MESSENGER is a witness over you.

The phrase ‘liyakoona ar-rasool shahaheeda alaykum’ is directly connected with ‘huwaa sammakum al-muslimeen’ yet you guys never ever mention that let alone take it literally.

By rights, if you want to take ‘he named you al-muslimeen’ then take ‘that the messenger is a witness over you’ literally also. Meaning the messenger is actually witnessing you guys!!

If you wanna read it, don’t rip it in half! That’s what the ‘other guys’ do. Don’t do a 59/7 (take what the messenger gives you) like the Sunnis do, please.


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