Unity and Diversity

This question was asked a former member of QRAC: …..last night was a night i could have cried muslimeen… although we follow one Quran the deen has been subjected to sects and i am not happy with this… verily i am of the sect SUNNI MUSLIM and i wish not to be in a divided group any longer… i wish to be just pure muslim and thats it… I WANT ALL MUSLIMS TO RELATE AND ANSWER THIS WITH A SIMPLE YES OR NO… is it true that when i say ONE ALLAH, ONE QURAAN, AND ONE ISLAM UNDIVIDED just a yes or no please i will speak to Asfora Safarina about something i have in mind to assist me in what i intend to do with our most beloved deen and Rasool (SAW) to unite us again inshallah if Allah permits…. note i do not know about the shia so i cant act on that but i know about quraanists and Inshallah Allah may it be prosperous to unite islam without sects…..

This person is still thinks ‘islam’ is a religion and that if anyone uses another name, its a ‘sect’ relative to islam. In actuality, the Quran has absolutely no problem with diversity (although he deleted the entire thread when I pointed it out).  My response is below:

I’m very happy with it because diversity sf approved by Allah. Have a look at 29/69 for the word ‘our paths’ (subulana) and 5/48 for phrase ‘li kulli ja3alna shir3ah wa minhaj’ (for each of you we placed a disclosure and methodology). So Allah has no issue with it as long as we strive for the good (see both these verses again).


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