Diversity in Islam

Muslims have the delusion that there is only one Islam (their own version of course). Manuel raised a very interesting point in QRAC today:

The other day I talked with a Muslim (Sunni) via online, and then he started to tell me about the differences between Christianity and Islam. He told me that Christianity is too fragmented, that they don´t form a homogeneous group, that it looks like everybody can set up the rules they can. I then realized that Muslims are not an homogeneous group, and actually, never have been: We have the Sunni (which is divided into four mahdabs, that have different rules) and the Shia (which are divided in several more sects: Twelvers, Ismaliism, Alevis, etc) classic, but also we have us(the Quranists), the Ahmadi, the Sufis, the Salafis/Wahabbis… actually, it made me feel good to realize that Muslims are a so diverse group.

I quite agree. I prefer us to retain our individuality rather than be a bunch of zombies.

Taking Non-Muslims as Friends

was raised as an issue today in Quranology Discussions:

What does the Quran say about taking friends and or protectors that are non Muslims? Thanks. 

I thought a strong clarification was needed here so I said:

When you say ‘muslims’ here, do you mean people of an Islamic culture or do you mean peacemakers (the quranic definition). Sorry to a pain but the quran’s definition is vastly different from the Muslim’s own definition

A world of difference between the two, I think 🙂