How Do We Know the Meanings of Words?

Good question! It was asked in Quranology Discussions today:  

Ok can one of you provide your sources regarding claims of distorted words such as prayer, worship, zakat etc? Because I do not hold these views of people on this page in some cases, and when I ask for sources, all I get is their explanation and opinion. Allah tells us to verify, and an explanation is not clear evidence nor is it veri…fiable. For Instance I am Albanian I use an albanian dictionary to verify words. If Quran dictionaries are corrupted what do you use to verify words? I cant accept explanations, only sources please. Its come to the point I am sounding like a broken record lol. Salam

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One Response to How Do We Know the Meanings of Words?

  1. Good question? Are you sure, Farouk? If they fit, they are verified.

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