How DO We Perform a Ritual?

was asked in QRAC today by Imraan who, like myself, does not believe in a divinely ordained ritual salat:

I have the honour of being visited by a brother who has travelled 1000km to learn the basics of islam from a quran only perspective rather than subjecting himself to the lunacies of the traditional islamic authorities in his area. He reverted based on Quran only.

He wants to learn the prayer, but since I don’t view salat as prayer, I would like some input on how those of you who consider salat to be prayer as to how you do such prayer from a Quran only perspective.

I look forward to your comments so that I can demonstrate the options to him

If you asked me, I would say that if one wants to perform a ritual, just follow the Traditional one. As long as it fulfils the function..

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