An Afternoon with Kashif Ahmed Shehzada

I think in life, there are only a few occasions when you can say ‘so and so changed my life’ and really mean it. For me, one of these few people was Kashif Ahmed Shehazada. During my early years as a Quranist, it was Kashif who helped introduce me to the world of quranism . Kashif was one of those rare individuals whose mastery of the Quran is rare …and dazzling.

After 8 years, I was fortunate enough to meet with Kashif this afternoon at Regents Park masjid. Of course, like the tafseer-hungry geezer that I was, I immediately sought for the latest insight into the stories of the Quran. The ‘inner meanings’ as it were. I guess this was a throwback from my Ibn Arabi admiring days. Kashif as usual suprised me. Instead of giving me what I asked for, he instead asked if I was governing myself by the ayat. That is, was I living by the signs of Allah and achieving salam? A good question indeed. This is the quality of Kashif, to point you to what matters , that is your salvation. Intellectual exercises must be secondary to this.

As if that wasn’t enough, out of nowhere there came a detractor. A person who overheard our conversation and decided that it was time to correct our view that in fact, Islam did spread by the sword. Kashif displayed great patience with the man and deftly overturned his arguments. I don’t know if the chap will abandon his Sunnah inspired imperialistic ambitions but at least he was reminded of some very merciful acts of the Prophet from Hadith literature.

We also had some friends of the Christian faith drop by. They were friends of Kashif and followed his interfaith work closely. I was very enthralled by the conversation and how we can work closely together to promote humane religion and overcome fundamentalism on all levels. Great hope ahead.

I must say, I hope it will not be another 8 years before I see Kashif again….


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2 Responses to An Afternoon with Kashif Ahmed Shehzada

  1. Mushu says:

    Aww man I wish I could have met him today 😦 . Oh well, maybe next time, inshAllah.

  2. Me too bro, im waiting for your time away to be over.

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