Yahoo Answers: If quranists were more common would there be even worse division?

An interesting phrasing of this question, I must say. My answer (which wasn’t the best, Asfora’s was and quite rightly so) is as follows:

Dear N,

I am a quranist and like any other quranist, my views are uniquely mine. In other words, I do not share 100 percent similar views with anyone. No quranist does. But you know what, no Muslim (of ANY variety) has 100 percent similar views with each other either. Do you think by simply subscribing to a group (like Sunni or Shia or Sufi) and/or by claiming allegiance to a school of law, this makes you a non-thinking entity? Absolutely not! All Muslims, all HUMAN BEINGS think. Quranist are simply more vocal about it.

Does it mean if all Muslims became quranists, we would have 1 billion odd sects? No way! You are simply carrying a Wahabi mindset about religion. Sectarianism is for those who seek to exploit others. We are notesharers, not dispensers of religious thought.

Quranist Islam is an approach to Islam. We think Islam for ourselves under the guidance of our sole divine source, the Quran. We are an association of people who share notes. We are not a sect. Sects are born from a mindset of exclusivism. Quranists recognise multiplicities in the path to God.

Why are you so worried about uniformity of thinking? Are you not secure in the fact that what YOU believe in born from a sincere search? Build your own relationship with Allah, dont ride on someone elses. You are a person in your own right.

The Nikah of Muhammad and Khadija

This question was bumped up in Quranology Discussions  today:

What is nikah? Must it be held in certain ritual ceremony? The nikah of Muhammad and Khadija was held in the pre-quranic era. How was it held?

If you ask me, I find these questions to be moot. If you revere Islamic History, fine but speculating details beyond what is already there is a little pointless I think. Focus on the task at hand: serving God.