Lie Guru’s Erroneous Assumption

On the same question on Yahoo Answers(If quranists were more common, would there be even worse division), there was a cheeky fellow named ‘Lie Guru’ (a mockery of the name Liphe Guru, a quranist himself) who said:

Notice how all the Islamophobes here defend and support the quranists!!!Let me teach you quranists’ duaa, they dont say like the Muslims: “May Allah be please with us”

Quranists say: “May the west be pleased with us, May america be pleased with us, May the Islamophobes be pleased with us”. They are changing the religion of Islam to please the Islamophobes.

The strange thing is, this person doesn’t know how much Islamophobes WANT Muslims to follow hadith. My answer is as follows:
LOL. What a joke! Here’s what JOCHEN KATZ, the founder of ANSWERING ISLAM wrote ‘Why TRADITIONS are MANDATORY for all Muslims’. He WANTS Muslims to follow hadith so he can bash you to bits, lol. Here’s the link:

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One Response to Lie Guru’s Erroneous Assumption

  1. ROFL, Farouk! That was just hilarious! The stupid West/America approach. Never gets old. :’)

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