Amy Winehouse Rotting in Hell?

I had a very disturbing conversation last evening where a Traditionalist friend said that it was good Amy Winehouse was dead, she could stop corrupting the youth and that she is probably rotting with the (fake) punishment in the grave now.

This type of mindset comes from the confusion about Islam and islam. Islam is the culture, the society, the civilisation. It has plenty of good but also plenty of bad. It’s most certainly not divine. however, islam (with a small, descriptive ‘i’) is a universal principle. Amy Winehouse was not a Muslim but was she a muslim? I don’t know. I never met her and it’s not my job to judge. However, her music gives some insight into the human condition, at least for me. May she rest in peace…


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6 Responses to Amy Winehouse Rotting in Hell?

  1. Thanks for advancing the truth about things. We’re all falling quite a ways short from perfection, why can’t we just take the good she accomplished in this world. Put on another song. Thanks.

  2. I never liked that girl but I wouldn’t say she’s rotting in hell. What sick mind would ever believe that? Very disturbing.

  3. Arifa Khadijah says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Instead of merely critisizing, creating fan pages saying that amy winehouse is dead, we should take this moment to reflect on ourselves. We should take this as a wake up call to change our ways for the better as Day of Judgement is very near.

    We shouldnt go around calling out that shes in hell or WHATEVER. it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. besides, who knows we might also be thrown in hell due to our accumulation of sins. Just becoz we are muslims doesnt mean we escape hell. We hafta work hard for paradise and also be nice to others.


    It is time to reflect. Our fates might be worse. May God protect us and guide us all. Amin.

  4. says:

    amy winehouse sould out for money and fame of the WORLD. In the bible it says “who that is a friend of the world is the enemy of god”. She wanted to be notice,but the money and hollywood apperences wernt taking her mind off of the truth.So she became addicted to cocaine and drinkin.well now shes dead and her spirit/soul has always been with the devil so if you add that up then you should know where she is .

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