Reply to the QF’ist, Mr Jinn – Part 1

For the next few days, I will be responding to a rather lengthy reply by Jinn, who called my article ‘stupid and uneducated’. Here’s the first part of my response:

I do indeed use a different definition of “Orthodox” and “Traditional” because, when pertaining to Islam, the Qur’an defines what is “Orthodox” and “Traditional” many times over. It is the claim of all our circles that upholders of hadith are deviants and we prove it over an over with conflicting hadiths and incongruities between the Qur’an and said books of hadith. By very definition, hadith supporting communities are not orthodox, since they follow distinct interpolations, the first of which was “authorized” around 200 years after Prophet Muhammad’s death. I believe this is a very important point to make and I apologize if I did not make it apparent enough. Furthermore, my only issue with attribution of those terms to the Sunnis is that “mainstream” would be a more appropriate definition.

My comment: Here lies the first problem in our misunderstanding. While Jinn is operating within the realm of islam (the ideology of the Quran) , I am not. I am operating within the realm of Islam the society/culture/civilisation (note the capital ‘I’ which denotes it is a name, not an attribute).

In Islam, this phenomenon in the world, Sunnism is Traditional Islam. They are Traditional because they follow Tradition. Traditions are narratives. The traditions of the Prophet are narratives claiming to represent him.

The Quran does NOT :
1. Define Traditional and Orthodox many times over. I challenge Jinn to bring forward the verses.

2. Does not claim upholders of hadith are deviants. Again I challenge the Jinn to bring forward the verses.


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