Why roots are super-awesome

This is a rant. This post is angry. If you’re a happy unicorn folk, go away. Shoo!

Why are roots of the Arabic/Quranic language so super-awesome? Simply because they are the foundation of that language we’re supposed to know about in order to understand the Quran. I’m not saying you need to know Arabic to read Quran, but I’m saying you need the REAL Arabic to read Quran, whether you can actually read/speak Classical Arabic language or not.

Actually, the “Qurano-Arabic” language is dead easy and 100% consistent. We just don’t see it that way because it hasn’t been fully documented although many scholars and researchers wrote so much about the Quranic language. Now, now, don’t turn your back! If you want to read the Quran, you’ll need logic, a clean heart, and yes, you will need to know what words mean.

You want to trust the words in translations? Well, these words were transformed into other meanings thanks to HADITH, your biggest enemy yet again. (Wow, it keeps striking back like in a Comic! Darn!)

No, you don’t need to take Arabic lessons. I know so many who study the Quran without being able to speak Arabic, but rather to speak “Quran-ic”, this is because Arabic itself does not even fit in the Quran.

So before you mock our need to re-evaluate the “Qurano-Arabic” language, please go get a life and then maybe re-consider your decision. We’re not trying to ruin the Quran, we’re trying to reestablish a sane method of reading it. Now, is that so bad?

You can go whore for your translators all you want. It will never be REAL Arabic, just fake, hadith-based sad and pathetic Arabic.

Again, we, oh so humbly, apologize for trying to understand the Quran in an alternative way. Oh, so sorry! But we’re not going to stop, so get over it and buy a puppy or something.

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One Response to Why roots are super-awesome

  1. Asfora says:

    I agree roots are super-awesome! Here is my response recently to someone who asked a question about roots (whether roots could tell you to do something or to believe/not believe in something): For me when I look at the roots of the words it helps me to find the other words in the Quran that come from the same root, when I look in the concordance (i use corpus.quran.com more often than not). Sometimes what I find is that the words that are translated as one thing in several places are in a few other places translated as different or similar words. I like to find out why the words are not translated consistently. Sometimes, by doing a word study of all the verses that contain the words from 1 root helps me to get a feel of what meaning of the original root is encapsulating. When I see the word used in different contexts I get a picture in my head of the way that word is being used in each situation. And then I try to think of what all these different contexts have in common and think about what the original root seems to suggest. That’s just my personal understanding of how looking up roots helps me to do some Quran study and research. I’m not saying it always helps (because sometimes the other words surrounding the study word throw me off track if they are not translated consistently either and due to my understanding being tainted/clouded by -probably- hadith based/traditional interpretations), but alhamdulillah I have been doing this for a while and since I started doing it, I’ve had some pretty awesome “SubhanAllah” moments. I’m not saying that what I conclude from doing it like that is going to be any use to anyone else, or even that I have any authority to do it. I used to like doing cross reference puzzles and I see a similar kind of basis within the Quran due to the repetition of the vocab and the (what I call) “clues”. I don’t think roots can really tell you to do something or not do something. As far as I understand, the instructions are in the sentences which consist of the words which come from the roots. The instructions are from Allah and are found in the Quran. Just my understanding of it. Peace 🙂

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