Challenging the MuslimVlogGuy

Check out his video:

You gotta love his confidence right? Well I issued this invitation to debate him:

Salam MuslimVlogGuy,
Shall we have a video to video debate? I think it can benefit our audiences.  We can do it with Q&A format if you like. Since we are ‘typically easy to refute’, I am sure you will be appreciated by your audiences for doing this. What do you say?

About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website:

4 Responses to Challenging the MuslimVlogGuy

  1. Mushu says:

    Hahah, yea you gotta love the confidence!

  2. Krazy Klown says:

    Here he admits that you bring up good points:

  3. Shalom Aeikhom,

    This individual “muslimVlogguy”, he blocked me from his channel without me doing anything whatsoever to him . I found out I was blocked when he left a comment on my youtube channel. I went to his channel and realized I am blocked. This level of insecurity does not go well with your mouth when you go around claiming to have the truth. If you have the truth, why censor everything ??? Anyways, God knows whats in his heart.

    Peace be on you all

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