Oh dear God,
Give me patience and strength!
And the fuse of my temper,
Please increase in length!

If my thoughts are sarcastic,
Or spiteful or rude,
Please cleanse me of hatred,
And make cheerful my mood.

If I am troubled,
Or weary or blue,
Make me more thankful,
And repentant to You!

If I am angry,
Forgive me this sin.
Bestow on me blessings,
Of calm from within.

You know my struggles.
You know I am weak.
But You know my intentions,
From the oaths that I speak.

Protect me from Shaytan,
I beg this from You.
Without You I’m nothing.
I seek refuge with You.

5 Responses to Dua

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  2. Mushu says:


  3. Jingle says:

    reflective and true words, well done.

  4. what powerful prayers, bless you,
    amazing poetry, share and enjoy poetic friends if you wish.

  5. cheximoto says:

    This inspired me to get on my knees and say a few words myself. Great work!

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