The Second Promise of Bani Israil

Lisa hit the nail on the head here when she mentioned the second promise to the Children of Israel in Quranology Discussions. She wrote:

I have a question regarding 17:104-111. I get the impression that God may have promised the Jews another revelation (17:104), that this revelation was eventually sent down to Muhammad (17:105-106), that Muhammad related it to the Jews (17:107), that they recognized the revelation (17:108-109), that Muhammad gave them further instructi…ons for prayer (17:110-111).17:104 We said after him to the Children of Israel: “Dwell in the land, then, when the time of the second promise comes, We will bring you all together as a mixed crowd.”

17:108 They say, “Praise be to our Lord. Truly, the promise of our Lord was fulfilled.”

Does “the promise of our Lord” (17:108) indeed refer to the “second promise” (17:104) then?


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