The bracket of ch 2 and ch 3

In the early part of ch 2, we have the word muflihoon (preperous ones). This follows a short passage describing them (2/1-5). To me, it refers to people who are always questioning, negating and practising (Alif Laam Meem) and thus achieving the state of doubtlessness. They then practise the connection with Allah and spend. They believe in whats sent down to them. Its almost like a mini discourse on how to live.

Then we got the very last word of chapter 3, ‘tuflihoon’ (you prosper). This comes after a 200 ayat discourse of chapter 3 which talks about the establishment of islam.

I dont believe anything in the Quran is a coincidence. Not anything at all. I believe now the twin-theme of ch 2 and 3 is al-falah (related to muflihoon and tuflihoon. So these chapters tell us about how to achieve prosperity albeit from different angles.


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