My thoughts on “What is Quranism?”

I think Quranism is an approach. All Traditionalist Muslims believe the Quran is the Word of God and so do Quranist Muslims. Everyone has some kind of approach. Either they get seek guidance from imams in the mosque or parents / friends / relatives / sheikhs on TV or self study using religious texts / asking online scholars / reading academic books on Fiqh etc or even for some, literally “the Quran Alone”. I am not a Traditionalist Muslim or a (literal) “Quran Alone Muslim” . I am a Quranist Muslim in that I believe the Quran is the sole divine source of islam/deen/guidance. So although I believe there is nothing wrong with asking other people for their views (in fact I do this a lot) I believe the only real guidance comes directly from Allah through His words in the Quran. The problem is that I believe the meanings of some of the Arabic words and the meanings may have become distorted over time. So trying to uncover the real, original meaning is what I’m hoping to get closer to, inshaaAllah. I like to think that others with the same goal can share info and notes by having a central point to exchange various research and collaborations. That is for the more detailed aspects but overall the general overall message seems fairly obvious without needing to complicate matters especially not with having hadiths, fatwas and man made shariah laws some of which undermine the real message. Quranism may also be considered by reverts and converts to Islam who are genuinely puzzled/confused/struggling with the pressure of the culture shock of the cultural Traditional Islam imposed in areas where their mosques are teaching strict sectarian opinions without even allowing room for choice of school of thought – the “My Way or the Highway” attitude. I see Quranism as the answer to islamofascism.

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