Some thoughts on “Salat timings”

If one uses 30:17 or 20:130 to justify a Magrib salaat where the word salaat is not mentioned and neither is the word “magrib” – (the word is “Fasubhana” ), then one should also by the same logic conclude that there is a “Bukratan” salaat after fajr and before midday – see 48:9 and 33:42 even though the word salaat is not there either.

If one concludes that Bukratan is just another word for Fajr, don’t forget “Ghuduwi” in 13:15 and “Ishraq” in 38:18 and “ibkar” in 40:55

Again salaat not mentioned but if one uses 30:17 and says it means salaat, then the the same logic should really also be applied.

I suppose it could be argued that all the “morning” words refer to Fajr. So that (to me) would make all the afternoon/evening ones (asila in 48:9 and 33:42) referring to Isha. Unfortunately the logic cannot work both ways (for me).


One Response to Some thoughts on “Salat timings”

  1. Ali says:

    Salaam, As per my view, the salat al jummah seems to be performed after Fajr. Am I wrong that much ? I need only a clear opinion. Jazaak ALLAH.

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