Six types of Hypocrisy

New Question in QRAC

“Ok this was on a wall I joined for New Reverts. I asked if this was in the Qur’an and have gotten No reply. Is this just someones belief?…..

Hypocrisy is of Two Types: With Respect to Belief and with Respect to Actions

Hypocrisy with respect to beliefs is of six types. The one who is guilty of any of them will be in the lowest pit of the Hellfire. These are:

(1) Denying or disbelieving the Messenger (peace be upon him).
… (2) Denying something that the Messenger (peace be upon him) presented or taught.
(3) Having hatred for the Messenger (peace be upon him).
(4) Having hatred for something the Messenger (peace be upon him) presented.
(5) Being pleased if the religion of the Messenger (peace be upon him) is diminished or weakened.
(6) Being displeased if the religion of the Messenger (peace be upon him) is strengthened or victorious.”

My reply: Here are some ayats which basically could be used to justify the list of 6 points , though I doubt the Quran limits “hypocrisy” or “disbelief/rejection/ingratitude” to only 6 types. I think it’s a nice idea to try to learn what kind of things are good things to do and bad things to avoid from the Quran but oversimplifying it to say there are 3 things that guarantee heaven and 6 that guarantee hell and things like that can be misleading and inaccurate (but I’m known to be picky and I over-analyse stuff so I’m bound to say that, but it is quite common to hear people saying things like this in Trad Islam (ironically, oversimplifying how easy it is to get into heaven – 3 things to guarantee no punishment in the grave, 1 thing to do at a certain time to make it as though you did it all your life, 2 words you can say 70 times to make your wishes come true etc etc and then all the other things that are completely the other extreme to over-complicate everything and make it so you will go directly to hell if you die with 1 drop of urine on your clothes, none of your prayers get accepted cos you pronounce it wrongly, having to become OCD about counting, rituals and making a conscious effort at all times to know which hand or foot you are doing what with, and even when you are asleep to know what side you are sleeping on so the shaytan cannot urinate in the wrong ear and all that mumbo jumbo!!).

If you do any one of the things on this list for example (and inshaaAllah you won’t!) of the supposed 6 types then (according to that list) you will automatically go to the lowest pit of the hell fire if the statement is true. What if 1 person broke 1 rule and another broke all 6? Allah is the Best Judge. (10:109) so you would expect that if there are higher pits and lower pits of hellfire then the one who broke all 6 rules would be in a lower pit than the one who only broke one rule and that’s not even taking into account good deeds which cancel out bad deeds, Allah’s abundant fountain of mercy and forgiveness and the subjectivity of the phrase “the religion of the messenger” (did he really teach Traditional Islam as we know it (Quran plus hadiths), or did he only recite what is revealed to him (18:27 and 7:203 and 10:15 and 11:12 ). I’m just thinking out loud on this!

Number 2 on the list is also subjective, depending on how you interpret a verse. Like if I say I understand “Ayat” to mean “sign” , am I rejecting that it means “verse”?! (told you, I’m picky about these things!) And there is a HUGE difference between denying the messenger’s authority to deliver the Quran and denying Other People’s interpretation of the recited Noble Words 🙂

I think the point I would like to make here is that if you say you think the hadith collections are dodgy, then ppl might assume you are automatically rejecting the messenger and call you a hypocrite (munafiq) or rejector (kafir) and give you this list (or something like it) to scare you. This article is good to clear up the misconception that being skeptical of the hadith collections authored by mortal man Bukhari and co is NOT the same as rejecting the messengers and the messages and examples contained in ALL the ayats in the Whole Quran. :

I have just put the Quran refs and some notes I made. These are just from my own understanding to re-iterate that these verses could be used to back up the sentiment of the list and indeed the things on the list are things to be avoided inshaaAllah (from my understanding anyway)

4:42 about rejecting and disobeying the messenger

38:14 consequence of disbelieving the messenger

33:21 messenger as an example

59:8 wayanṣurūna = helping

58:22 ḥādda = oppose

57:25 yanṣuruhu = helps him

7:157 yattabiʿūna = follow wanaṣarūhu = and help him

33:56-33:57 (the difference between supporting and reaching out to help the messenger and annoying/hurting him)

58:5 yuḥāddūna = oppose

57:19 (note it says “ayats” which are in the Quran not hadith collections)


47:32 washāqqū = oppose


4:150 – 4:152 (about making a distinction between messengers – why say Mohammad has a hadith collection and not allow the other messengers to have hadith collections? – isn’t that making a distinction?)

4:136 – the perfect place to say “whoever rejects the hadiths that Bukhari collected” (but it doesn’t)

10:104 shakkin = doubt dīnī = my deen


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