Salaam Aleykum
Thanks to Tatiana for this reminder:
InshAllah we will continue with two sessions in Jummah.
First session will be at 10:30 AM GMT on FRIDAY November 4th
Second session will be at 9PM GMT on Saturday November 5th
Presenter: Tatiana — Topic: “Introduction to Taqlid” and “Confidence in guidance from Allah swa.”
Agenda for Friday
>10:15AM GMT – (15 minutes before the presentation starts) I will open the floor to recitation of the Quran in Arabic and English.
>10:30AM GMT – 10:45 GMT (15 Min) PRESENTATION
>10:45 – 11:15 AM (25 Min) Open floor for questions and discussion. After this point, I will have to leave to get ready for Work on Friday.
SATURDAY will follow the same schedule (length wise), but from between the hours of 8:45PM GMT to 10:00 PM GMT (or longer as needed)…
Go to this link: and read the doc for instructions on how to log in to Paltalk – there is a room Password.
The PalTalk express chat is here:


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