Quranists Jummah / Quran Based Gathering

11th November 2011
Time: 11:30am GMT Friday 11th November 2011
For this week’s Jummah we will try out WIZIQ for the Quran Based Gathering:


If WIZIQ does not work, please default to paltalk:

**Paltalk Room: Quran Based Gathering

This room is open to anyone who sincerely journeys towards peace, truth, and compassion.

Live Weekly Quranists Jummah
Fridays at 11:30GMT:

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Quranists Jummah FB Group

Quranists Jummah on YouTube

Quranists Jummah

2 Responses to Quranists Jummah / Quran Based Gathering

  1. ALI bappu says:

    Salamun Alaikum,I am waiting 2 see your live Kuthuba,I hope I can.InshaaAllah.

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