Important clarification

Just to clear up any misunderstandings! In a previous thread, the name RK was mentioned, and other terms associated with this person. RK is short for Rashad Khalifa, who claimed to be a Messenger of God and claimed that 2 verses should be removed from the Quran.

Followers of this person’s teachings are sometimes referred to (somewhat derog.) as Khalifites. The ones who do follow his teachings and believe him to be a Messenger of God sometimes call themselves “Submitters”. There is a group called Submitters International. Just to make it very clear – This group QRAC and the other facebook groups within the  Quranists Network are NOT affiliated with RK’s teachings.

In my experience, the ones who follow RK’s teachings call themselves “Submitters” and reject 2 verses of the Quran and believe in a mathematical code based on the number 19. To be fair, some people who do not call themselves “Submitters” or anything other than “simply Muslim” or “just Muslim” may use the same terminology, phrases and attitude as seen on the “submission” site, but still accept the whole Quran without rejecting 2 verses. Some even believe in the 19 code without rejecting 2 verses. Some people have never heard of RK but pick up the fundamentalist attitude from other sites/groups. Not to forget there are also people who call themselves “Submitters” but who do not follow RK’s teachings – they only follow the Quran (or an interpretation of the Quran).

Before the use of the term “Quranism” anyone googling for “Quran Alone” “God Alone” or “Quran Only” type articles may have stumbled across or masjidtuscon which promotes RK’s teachings, which is where I personally believe the Fundamentalist Mentality is most at risk of setting in, especially if people rely on that 1 translation by RK which has numerous inconsistencies/errors.

Each person is unique and has the right to find out what the Quran’s Guidance is and whether they choose RK’s teachings (or anyone else’s!) over what the Quran actually conveys  in context and with a coherent understanding. Alhamdulillah, many students of the Quran have the opportunity to use the study tools available online, which means that we have access to study the Quran and the Arabic words used instead of relying on translations, inshaaAllah, even if we don’t speak/read Arabic to start with. SubhanAllah! Now THAT is amazing! 🙂  That is just my own humble opinion.

Usually the ones labelled as RK followers are not actually followers of RK especially once they find out he taught the rejection of 2 verses of the Quran. Remember everyone starts somewhere and each person’s “journey” is different and filled with their own tests.  I actually found a lot of direct references to the Quranic verses on shortly after I converted to Traditional Islam! And I must say I am glad I found those verse references because I looked them up for myself and  came to realise how awesome the Quran is from investigating what I saw. This was a crucial point for me after I converted because I was hearing about all these terms like “hadith” and “sunnah” and “weak” and “strong” and “wajib” and “makrooh” and “fardh” and all the other confusing cultural/traditonal practises that converts are taught as a matter of course.  I had to learn how to look up verses for myself! No one taught me that!  <— we are talking major newbie here!!

Many a night did I spend with highlighter sticky tabs and cross referencing verses to examine the notion that the Quran has the sole authority. It was part of a very beautiful journey for me! I’m grateful for all my stepping stones, alhamdulillah wa shukr!! And I am still learning, we all are – that is humbling in itself. 🙂  So let’s try to keep an open mind, keep learning, keep reading Quran, comparing translations for incompatibilities/inconsistencies/errors,  studying, investigating, praying for guidance, mercy, forgiveness, patience and strength and doing good deeds and helping each other to make progress and being awesome to each other! InshaaAllah! 🙂


PS: Just in case I didn’t make it clear. I do not consider myself a follower of RK. I am a Quranist.

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5 Responses to Important clarification

  1. jaffd says:

    Very well written. I was kicked out of their facebook group because I challenged RK’s appendix 2 (claim of his messengership), and I brought op the fact the people should have the right to compare translations. They are a group of extremists who still follow a man made Sunnah and not Quran alone.

  2. Salaam Jaffd

    If you were kicked out of an RK facebook group that is about the same as being banned from a pork sandwich factory.

    Should a Muslim be bothered with this?


    • Asfora says:

      Salaam G Waleed
      your comment made me smile. But I think the point is that no-one likes to be censored. The Quranists’ space is a safe space. People can discuss freely and share their notes and views and agree to disagree in peace, without fear of attack or being called mushrik/kafir etc. In my experience people enjoy this freedom and embrace the unity and inclusive attitude. Have you seen the Salat Discussion videos yet on Quranists Network TV Channel?

  3. Walaikum asalaam

    I will watch them tonight. But as far as I am concerned there is no mystery as to the protection of, and guidelines to, salaat in the Qur’an.

    In al-Baqarah 2:125 Allah commands us to take our salaat from the station of Ibrahim, a place where salaat has been preserved IN PRACTICE five times a day, seven days a week, every week of every year since the time of the revelation.

    Allah tells us that salaat is part of dhikr.
    Allah tells us that dhikr is preserved.

    And since He has caused salaat to be preserved at Makkah it follows that all the other correct physical rituals of Islam that are related are preserved there as well.

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