“Quranist” not a replacement for “Muslim”

A popular criticism of the Quranist term in The Quranists Space

Question: “First of all I don’t understand why you guys named the group as Quranist. Allah never approved a Muslim by any other name other than as Muslim. Please explain?”

Answer (by Farouk A. Peru): ‘quranism’ denotes our method, our way of understanding HOW to be muslim. It is not a REPLACEMENT for the term ‘muslim’. A ‘muslim’ is an agent of wholeness and soundness. How do people do it? Many ways. Sunni Muslims follow Quran and Sunnah, Shia Muslims follow Quran and Ahl Al-Bayt and Quranist Muslims follow the Quran and try to interpret it in the best way possible. Hope that helps, sir 🙂

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Islamic names for Quranists or Reverts/Converts

Here is an interesting discussion about Converts changing their names to an Arabic name upon conversion to Islam:


Changing names to a Muslim name

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Action vs Ritual

I love this post – current thread in QRAC “I’ve been struck anew by 2:177. This one verse exhorts action over ritual repeatedly, and tells us that those actions should not be motivated by a desire for “more rewards”, but out of love for others.  see more

Talk about your issues

You don’t have to wait for a post like this to come and talk about how you are feeling. But now this thread is here in QRAC, please come and contribute to the discussion

Who here has got some real issues, that are affecting them in real life? Do you have difficulty mixing with friends and family? Are you being shunned from your mosque? Is your life confined to mainly online? What’s going on with you? Do you have some success stories, positive or motivating anecdotes? Are you involved with your local Muslim community? Do you attend interfaith events? What charity events are going on near you? How can others get involved? Let’s help, support and motivate each other to bring Quranic values into action for our communities and for our own selves/souls (nafs)! InshaaAllah 🙂  [Reply on facebook]

Letter to Muslim friends

Great post in QRAC from Heather ! A Must-Read!


I wrote this letter to my Muslim friends.

“My dear Muslim friends, [read more on the original facebook post]


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Why don’t some Muslims participate in non-Islamic Holidays – aka like the 4th of July, birthdays, Christmas, and even Thanksgiving and etc.?