Jihad by an atheist

I know someone who was unfairly dismissed from work and has spent 1 year “fighting” for justice. This has been done by standing up for his rights (QAWM) regarding privacy, integrity, and equality, communicating what happened and why it wa

s wrong, IN WRITING, using polite and professional language (GOOD WORDS) revealing the truth (HAQQ) about the corruption that had been going on within the top-heavy management, and being firm about wanting to put things right (ASLAH) so that bullying and harrassment cannot be allowed to continue in the company for other workers who are LESS ABLE to stand up for their rights because they fear losing their jobs, and seeking compensation for his own suffering too. AND NEVER giving up despite seemingly endless opposition and further bullying/scare tactics/legal threats.(SABR) I see this as STRIVING for the values that Allah has made clear to us, and an inspiring case of “jihad” . Who would have thought… all this from my “atheist” father!


I know some people say 28:23 proves it BUT I just wanted to mention that I personally do not see 28:23 to be condoning segregation of the sexes. In 28:23, (to me) l-nāsi is mankind not men and im’ra-atayni is usually translated as wives so why here is it translated as women? I think this parable is demonstrating that what is going on here is there are ppl oppressing others. The ones who have a more urgent need for the provision of the goods/services/food/drink/supplies etc are not able (either physically or financially) to help themselves and are not being attended to – they are at the side waiting and hoping, whilst the more able/capable continue to greedily consume. What the prophet in this parable does is to show that if you are able/capable/can afford it/have the means, you go and get the goods/services/food/drink and give it to those who cannot get it for themselves.

Let the Quran relieve your heart

Noble Quran 13:28 “The ones who believed and their hearts are relieved by the remembrance of God; for in God’s remembrance the hearts are relieved.”

Sometimes people trample on us for our beliefs. Give your heart some relief with these inspirational Quran verses

Never Give Up!

Coping with being “condemned to hell”

Coping with being called “not a proper Muslim”

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