Does Wafa Sultan Represent the Rationalist Type?

Just watched this youtube vid. It features Wafa Sultan telling us how evil Islam is. According to Wafa’s bio , she’s a psychiatrist by profession. I wonder if psychiatry taught her that one or even a few symptoms means that a patient is written off completely. If so, I pity the patients under her care. They’d spend their lives in an asylum somewhere with no hope for care.

Wafa Sultan is a hater, plain and simple. It’s sad that she had to endure what she did (watch the video) but is it fair to deny Muslims the right to INTERPRET OUR OWN FAITH? We take great measures of positivity from our Islam even though the Islamofascists don’t.


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One Response to Does Wafa Sultan Represent the Rationalist Type?

  1. Koranist says:

    Wafa sultan I heard is an alawite. Maybe that eplains her obsession with Muhammad. She has had some debates with Ahmed Subhi Masour. She ha snot much to say about Quran which is why shen focusses on hadith since its easy to attack. Anyways she is close to the Neocons like Ayaan Ali.

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