Is The Study of Hadith Really a SCIENCE?

It’s really interesting how people use the words ‘scientific’, ‘objective’ , ‘rational’ and so forth to leverage some form of power and dominance over others. At the forefront of are Traditionalists who postulate that hadith studies is a ‘science’, meaning it produces objective and consistent results. This is simply untrue. Check out this debate here:

It is because not just one or two scientists / astronomers found this fact to be true by their research, the same research has been repeated thousands of times and through the series of research, human’s normal sense, their eyes and their ability to think were able to see and interpret the result of the research as something true and cannot be objected. And so their heart gained strength to believe of what they’ve seen. This belief is not called “blind faith” because it was resulted from studies and observations that can be accepted by all sane minds. Only insane people unable to think properly would reject the fact that has been studied and verified.

The same situation was what has been happening in the study of hadith. Sahih al-Bukhari was known to be the most authentic of all the books of hadith, because thousands of research has been made to study the status of hadith within it, and scholars who did that research have agreed about the authencity of Sahih al-Bukhari, and that it was the most authentic book after the Qur’an. They were not just one or two, but hundreds to thousands. It is not possible to say that such an enormous amount of brilliant people could gather at a place and say: “Let’s create false stories and myths about this book”. 

My rebuttals are there as well 🙂

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  1. Mushu says:

    The link doesn’t work 😦 What group is it Farouk?

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