Edip Yuksel Vs Aidid Safar

He who controls language controls how people think. Imagine if you subverted meanings of Quranic words, you would simply turn people off from reading it (as Islamofascist readings have) or worse still, render it impotent. Here’s a very interesting article by Edip Yuksel on Aidid Safar’s book ‘Arab Conspiracies Against Islam’.

Here , Edip says (about Aidid’s interpretation of ‘salah’):

Aidid asserts that SaLLY means not prayer, but commitment. There is some truth in this statement. The word SaLLY, when it is not used together with the verb IQaMa, usually means support and encouragement. For instance, I translated the verse 74:43 in my Turkish translation, Mesaj:  “They will say: ‘We did not support’”. Similarly I translated the verse 75:31 in Mesaj: “He neither accepted the truth, nor he supported.” I also translated the word Salla to mean support in verses 2:157; 9:99,103; and 33:43,56. Furthermore, I agree with Aidid that in verse 5:106 the word Salla may not mean the salaat ritual. However, when the word Salat is used with verb IQaMa it refers to a timely ritual preceded by ablution. His arguments on those verses are not convincing.

So really, what Edip seeks here is AUTHORITY over the language. When he DOES agree with Aidid, it’s all good but when he doesn’t agree with Aidid, here’s what he says:

This is another abuse and exploitation of the Quran Alone message. Aidid is not the first nor will be the last brave warrior who will use the powerful message of the Quran Alone against tradition to justify esoteric and absurd claims. In an overpopulated world any conspiracy theory and any absurd idea will find some followers. We should let the Arab conspirators and non-Arab counter-conspirators deal with each other. As long as there are wind mills there will be Don Quixotes and their admirers. Peace for all of them!  Thank God, I do not own any wind mills;-)

Amazing! He is not criticial of his own subjectivites but has no problem attacking Aidid. Not that I agree with most of what Aidid says but Aidid has a right to interpret without being verbally assaulted like this. Funnily, Edip has no problem playing with Arabic to justify his 19 theory. You can read all about that here: Hell or Miracle