Eleven Years After Nine Eleven

Eleven years ago, I entered my parents house in Malaysia when I saw the first images of 9/11. This cataclysmic event probably will be unmatched for sheer coverage and mythologisation. 11 years on, there are still programs on it. Whatever you believe happened, the effects of 9/11 is still being felt today. The Americans invaded Afghanistan and got rid of the Taliban. They found ‘Osama Bin Ladin’  10 years later and buried him at sea cuz that’s what Muslims do, hence the overwhelming presence of Muslim cemetaries. In 2003 , they also invaded Iraq and found no WMDs and fall of Saddam’s regime resulted more than a million deaths. Muslims killing each other (Sunni vs Shia), further proof for the rest of the world of how ‘peaceful’ Islam is

Now, Islamophobia is rising. In fact, it’s now the main springboard for politicians to score some political points – attack (subtly or otherwise) Islam and Muslims. So where do Quranists come into this?

We have a very unique role – to bring the Quran for mass consumption. For too long, the Quran has been closed off to humankind. They were made to believe that if they wanted to access the Quran, they would have to go through Traditional Islam. The Quran is almost never taken for itself but rather as part of a wider cultural heritage. This has sadly limited it’s readership as it’s seen to be for Muhammad only. Rather , the Quran is for all of us and contemplating and acting upon it will bring us peace in this life and the next.


About Farouk A. Peru
I am a human being in the world, blogging my existence. My thought systems may be found in my website: www.farouk.name

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