The RnR – The Key to the Quran

For some time, I have been contemplating the role of the RnR (Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem) combination in the Quran. I call it RnR for short but there is also the significance of RnR meaning ‘Rest and Recuperation’.

The RnR in the Quran opens every (and I do mean EVERY) chapter. It reminds us of the fundamental principle of reading – that each chapter reflects the Rahmaniyyah (protective womb-like aspect) and Raheemiyyah (evolutionising womb-like aspect) of Allah.

These two concepts by themselves appear lots of times but together only appear a few times outside the bismillahs (2/163, 27/30, 41/2 and 59/22).

I believe these two concepts also help explain the so-called ‘oaths’ in the Quran such as ‘by the sun and its splendour’ (91/1). If we consider the basmalah first, 91/1 wouldn’t need an oath, it would be an example of the RnR in action.

The RnR truly is the key to the Quran. Study it deeply.


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4 Responses to The RnR – The Key to the Quran

  1. Most Beneficent = the receiver of prays, glory and thanks
    Our (+) to him, he accepts our (+)
    Most Merciful = the giver of mercy to our negatives
    Our (-) against his word, if he chooses turns it to a (+)

  2. I think we also need to consider them the most basic of all “names” of Allah – their repetition signifies their importance. I also think you need to explain a biut about the womb references for those of us who do not have an Arabic background.

    • Ah yes, you’re absolutely right. Sorry about that. You see, both ‘rahmaan’ and ‘raheem’ come from the root ‘r-h-m’ which basically means womb. I then extrapolated this basic meaning of womb onto a theological dimension rendering Allah as a ‘cosmic womb’, if you will. I then studied the occurences of each word and how they appear both separately and together and found that in terms of context, rahmaan is more a protective aspect and raheem is more an evolutionising aspect. I’ll repost this answer in the group so members can also benefit from it, if that’s all right.

  3. Israel says:

    Rahman – The Almighty (R-H-M-N)
    Raheem – The Merciful (R-H-M)

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