Free-Mind’s ‘Monotheist’ Translation

Free-minds recently had a poll where they asked what’s the best name for their translation. You can read the entire thread here. The overwhelming opinion on this issue is that it should be called ‘The Quran – A Monotheist Translation’.

How arrogant can you get! Are you REALLY a monotheist? Ibrahim who is said to have ‘deeni haneefa’ (the peak of deen) fulfilled all the concepts of his lord (2/124) and was made imam to mankind (2/125).  Ibrahim did not call himself a ‘muwahid’ (monotheist in Arabic). Are these guys anywhere close to Ibrahim’s status? I know I’m not and I don’t see any of them even speaking publically beyond cyberspace. How on earth are they monotheists then? Ibrahim’s status is an ATTAINMENT not simply something one says and makes it so.

And what of the insinuation that other translations are NOT monotheist? By other translations, we mean of course those by Traditionalist Islam. Are they not monotheist? From Free-minds discourse, we know they are called ‘sectarian’ and ‘polytheists’ (by taking hadith as a source of law). This is the most superficial nonsense I’ve ever heard.

One does not become a monotheist by dropping hadith. I hope the free-minds folks would admit their own subjectivity. Call it ‘Free-minds’ translation – that’s what it is