Fatiha and the 113 Suras!

James Ada, one of Quranist Islam’s top researches has put forward a new theory on the structure of the Quran. He now sees Chapter 2 (Al-Baqarah) and Chapter 1 (Al-Fatihah) as a sort of introduction or disclaimer. Please read his thought-provoking work here:

And certainly We have given you seven of the oft-repeated (verses) AND the grand Quran.

There is a separation between the Quran and the Al-Fatiah (the seven oft-repeated (verses)),

With this in mind that would mean Surah Baqarah, currently 2nd Surah should be the first

(As Al-Fatiah is an introduction, a disclaimer. The first “chapter” is clearly a prayer or supplication and not directly an informative discourse. It is obvious that it is meant to be read formally no matter if you believe in traditional prayers or not.)

There is evidence to support this theory.

The first is what is mentioned in Baqarah itself when it says “Bisuratin”

2.23 And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant, “then produce a Surah the like thereof” and call upon your witnesses other than Allah , if you should be truthful

This would be the first Surah. (So Surah 1.23 instead of 2.23)
And this would be the 10th Surah

“Or, do they say: He has forged it. Say: Then bring ten forged Surahs like it and call upon whom you can besides Allah, if you are truthful.”

Produce “a Surah” in the first Surah and bring “ten” Surahs in the 10th Surah

There is also other points that supports this claim.

Maybe its a coincidence but…….

The first is
The 10 forged ayats appears in 11.13,
the argument is 1+113 Surahs, is it linked?
Other coincidences (or facts depending on acceptance)

Al Hadid the Iron chapter no 57 in conventional numbering but actually the 56th chapter.

56 is the mass number (number of protons and neutrons) of the most common isotope of iron (96%).

Furthermore the word al hadid appears in the 26th verse in a surah comprising of 30 verses ((Bismallah is logically counted as the first verse as
a) Bismillah is counted as a verse in al Fateha

b) I think that one of the reason why there is no basmallah in chapter 9 is precisely a sign from god to stress that the basmallah is an integral part of the chapters elsewhere where it is present

c) after analysing the most ancient manuscripts, basmallah is in the same script as the other verses and only a dot separate it from the second verse like any other two consecutive verses of the same manuscript))
26 is the atomic number (number of protons) of iron.

What is more surprising is the relation between the position of the word al hadid and the atomic mass of iron which is 55.847

Al hadid is the 13th word of the 26th verse, a verse that has 28 words.
A simple mathematical calculation will give us the position of the word al hadid which is 55 + 25/30 + 1/30.12/28 = guess what 55.847!!!

I’ll explain it deeper
The quran is divided in surahs and verses and in each verse there is a certain number of words.
To understand it well, see the quran as composed of 113 boxes (surahs)on top of each other, each box has got a variable number of drawers (each representing a verse in the surah) and in each drawer a variable number of sheets of paper (each representing a word of the verse)

Now if we want to see where is the word al hadid, (not in other 3 places where the word appears in the Quran but for this particular one found) in Surah Al Hadid that by which ‘ God would distinguish those who would support Him and His messengers in the unseen’,
we see that it appears in 56:26
and that it is the thirteenth word of this 26th verse comprising of 28 words.
Lets get back to our boxes drawers and sheets of paper.
If you want to reach the 13th sheet of the 26th drawer of th 56th box, you will have to take out

– 55 boxes to reach the 56th box

– 25 drawers to reach the 26th drawer but remember its only part of a box that contain 30 drawers (30 verses)

so till now you have taken out (55 + 25/30) box

– and 12 sheets of paper to reach the 13th sheet in a drawer that contains 28 sheets that is 12/28 of a drawer and here a drawer is 1/30 of a box so you will have to remove 12/28*1/30

In total you will have to remove 55 + 25/30 + 12/28*1/30 = 55.847

Hence the atomic mass of iron

NOTE: This separation could mean the Al-Fatiah is the proper Shahada for Islam.

Help Dr Kassim Ahmad – Arrested on Blasphemy Charges!

Kassim Ahmad arrested

The dreaded but expected tragedy has happened – Dr Kassim Ahmad has been arrested on charges of blasphemy by the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (JAKIM).

Please look at this picture above. This frail-looking elderly gentleman was taken away in this heartless manner for espousing quranist views and expressing them at a conference last February.

We also ask you as fellow Quranists to please voice out your dissatisfaction with the Malaysian government for their despicable act. You may be able do so by writing to them: