Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 1: 29th June – Ch 57

This chapter begins the ‘Tasbeeh Block’ , a block of chapters which start or at least bracket other chapters with the concept of tasbeeh. This block (Chapters 57-64) are like a summation of Ch 2-5, which are some of the largest chapters that detail the system of peace and justice. In other words, a means whereby humankind may reach its ideal state.

Ch 57 begins with the tasbeeh, the concept of being in harmony with the universe. This condition is for Allah and invokes His names. He is utterly penetrating the very fabric of the universe. His reality is to be vivified in order for us to live fruitfully.

It then moves on to the concept of Allah and His messenger. The messenger is a means of us vivifying the message. He is the personification of Quran. The believers generate the messenger between them.

There is a very inspiring message for us in Vs 16 that the time has come for us to move towards establishing peace and justice in our selves and society. This is described as a light.

At almost the end of the chapter, a few personalities are mentioned, all of whom are relevant to the beginning of the chapter. Nuh and Ibrahim are mentioned after the role of the messengers(Vs 25) and Isa is mentioned with his unique system of injeel in Vs 27.

The final two verses (57/28-29) is a call. It is for those who have believed in the tasbeeh and the first steps they need to take to live in that light. The steps is to be preservant (to be aware of one’s self preservation) and to believe/be secure with the messenger. The end of the chapter mentions Allah as possessor of ‘fadhl’ (being preferred), something all human beings seek.


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