Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 2: 30th June – Ch 58

This chapter brackets Ch 57 and 59, both of which talk about tasbeeh. Ch 58 doesn’t mention tasbeeh but rather starts about the one who makes a plea to Allah because she is oppressed. This shows that freeing people from oppression is a major part of the islamic project and that tasbeeh (working harmoniously with the universe) is what brings this liberation.

Once again, Allah and His messenger are mentioned and those who oppress the above are said to be limiting Allah and his messenger. This shows the system of islam is one which frees people from oppression.

Next, those who have believed in this philosophy are told to perform certain acts (private consultation, make spaces etc). These are all steps necessary to remove oppression.

Towards the end of the chapter, the parties of Allah and shaitaan are mentioned. These two parties (hizb) shows the confrontational nature of truth and falsehood (thanks to Qamar for pointing this out).

This chapter ends powerfully with Vs 21-22 which talks about Allah and His messengers being uppermost. This refers to the system of peace which removes oppression from people will become victorious over those who seek to oppress. It is impossible to love such people (who are referred to in the beginning of this chapter).


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