Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 3: 1st July – Ch 59

I believe this chapter along with Ch 58, acts as a bracket. This is for two reasons. One, both start with the exact same verse (Vs 1). Ch 57 also starts with a lengthy description of Allah and so does the end of Ch 59.

Ch 59 goes straight into the system of Allah and the Messenger. This chapter is focussed on the economic aspects of this system. The beginning of this chapter (Vs 2-4) deal with those who oppose this system (which brings peace and justice).

Vs 5-11 deals with the economic management of this system. This system ensures that there will be economic justice and the flow of wealth will touch those who are disaffected as well.

From Vs 18, this chapter moves on to the ‘spiritual’. It talks about the soul and what it should send forth for itself (through the strategy in the early part of this chapter). Vs 19 equates forgetting Allah with forgetting one’s own soul. Vs 20 equates this being companions of the fire and the garden. Meaning, if we tend to our souls by following this system, we will attain fulfilment in life.

Vs 21 is an iconic verse about the descent of the entire Quran upon a mountain. Vs 22-24 begins the exposition about Allah himself. Vs 22 is one of the rare verses (outside the basmalah) with ar-rahmaan and ar-raheem. Vs 23-24 mentions names of Allah which aren’t usually mentioned. This is a perfect end to the exposition began in Ch 57 above.


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