Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 4: 2nd July – Ch 60

This chapter begins with a call to those who have believed – referring to those who have operationalised the process outlined in Ch 57 through 59. When this actualisation has occurred, there will be oppressors emerging. These people will remove those who try to establish the system in Ch 57 to 59 and are called the enemies of Allah and those who have believed in that system. It is crucial not to ally ourselves with these people. Believing in Allah is also equivocated with that system.

This chapter uniquely mentioned ibrahim and those with him in Vs 4 and 6. These people have hatred and animosity for those who oppress and who wish to dominate and enslave them. They declared that their Lord is only Allah.

Vs 7-9 helps us clarify that the people mentioned as enemies are not simply anyone but rather people who practice oppression and expel others from their homes. This prevents any kind of extreme reaction on the part of those who have believed. The key is opposing oppression of any person, not a religious discrimination.

Vs 10 is a fresh call which reminds the same believers that if any disempowered person who believes in their system comes forward, they are to give them protection after examination. They are then to be socially organised in the best manner possible.

Vs 12 is a rare call to the nabi telling pledging not to disobey the laws, he is to provide protection for them. The nabi is therefore present in this system, showing that this system is led by access to the higher news of Allah.

Vs 13 is yet another call to those who believed in this system, telling them not to take these oppressors as allies. This single verse call serves to remind us very strongly of this danger.


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