Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 5: 3rd July – Ch 61

This is the last chapter of the ‘sabbaha’ series (the 1st stage of the tasbeeh block). After Ch 60, above, this chapter represents an action formula for the entire series.

Vs 2-4 talks about action and habits, how we are to action whatever we philosophise and how we are to fight to establish a safe space for all.

Vs 5 mentions musa who asks his people why they take liberties with him. They were those who refused to strive. This is the first mention of musa in this block. He is mentioned here as a final formulation towards reform.

Vs 6 mebtions isa who confirms his capacities of the ignition of Allah’s system and brings about a messenger which is characterised by a state of greatest joy and relief.

Vs 7-9 tells us that this system brings the light of Allah and it is only oppressors who choose to deconfirm it. This system will override all systems of oppression.

Vs 10-13 is a call to believers, telling them about trade which will save them.

Vs 14 is a single verse call, effectively closing the first stage of the tasbeeh block. It calls upon those who belived in the tasbeeh block to be helpers of Allah like the hawariyoon, those who are flowing. They answered his call and were victorious.


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