Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 6: 4th July – Ch 62

This chapter begins the second phase of the tasbeeh block (it starts with ‘yusabbihu’ and not ‘sabbaha’). This may signal a new phase in the system itself. ‘sabbaha’ is more active whilst ‘yusabbihu’ is more passive.

In Vs 2-3 It then talks about the role of the messenger (which has not been mentioned since Ch 3!) and in Vs 4 following him will lead to the ultimate preference (fadhlulullah).

Next it mentions at-tawraat (Vs 5), which is the ignition to the system. In activating it, we will be bringing peace. Those who are obliged with it but do not fulfil its obligation are like donkeys. They seek comfort and ease (Vs 6)

The final part of this chapter (Vs 9-11) uniquely mentions the connection from the period of gathering, which is the activity believers do in the operation of this system. They are to heed this call as it is their duty to do so.


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