Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 7: 5th July – Ch 63

This chapter continues to analyse personality types which exists within the system. One particular type is the ‘munafiqoon’ (one who simply goes through the process without actual belief). These people are intense in their allegiance to the messenger (Vs 1). They used their oaths as screens (Vs 2) which means they came into the system. They did believe but concealed it (Vs 3)

However, their veracity is just superficial. They look good but don’t deliver, so to speak (Vs 4). Even though the entered the system, they are not afforded the divine protection (Vs 5-6). They enjoin not spending one’s wealth and energy on the cause of peace and justice and instead seek to return to the city to find honour (Vs 7-8). However, all honour comes from Allah.

Vs 9-11 are the solution to this condition above. We are not to let worldly things distract us from the vivification of Allah. We are to spend in His way before our time comes.

This is the second situation in the system after the one in Ch 62 above.



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