Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 8: 6th July – Ch 64

This is the final chapter in the ‘yusabbihu’ series as well as the closing of the tasbeeh block. It focuses a lot more on metaphysics rather than raw instructions. This would be appropriate as it is the final section of the long process of the tasbeeh block.

The early past of this chapter focuses on our evolution, some become absolute concealers, others absolute believers (Vs 2). Also includes the perfection of our forms (for each of us – Vs 3) and the mention of the essence of our chests (Vs 3), indicating how we project into the world.

Those who rejected are said to do so because of the medium of the message (the bashar) which is unacceptable to them. However, Allah instructs us to look for the light (Vs 8).

Vs 14 is the only call in this chapter which reminds us that our maters and favourites may be a trial to us. Our duty is to be preservant of Allah as much as we can. We are to give him a beautiful loan for which He will reward us.


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