Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 9: 7th July – Ch 65&66

After the tasbeeh block, comes the Twin Nabi chapters, Al-Talaq and At-Tahreem (Ch 65 and 66). These two chapters are essentially the relationship between the newsbearer and those who believed with him.

Ch 65 Vs 1-4 is about the organisation of the believers by the nabi. They are to be nourished and delivered safely. This is considered to be the ‘command of Allah’ (amrullah – 65/5)

Vs 8-10 is directed at cities which refused this organisation. Cities such as these are inviting punishment possibly because evil is allowed to spread.

Vs 11-12 reminds us the role of the messenger who brings the signs of Allah. This is considered to be like the natural formation of the skies and the earth.

Ch 66 Vs 1-5 is about the prophet’s relationship with the believers who are close to him. It is important for them to be discreet in their dealings with him.

Vs 6 is a single verse call to believers to save themselves from the fire this relates back to them obeying the newsbearer.

Vs 7 is very interesting. It is only call to those who have rejected the call of Vs 6 above.

Vs 8 is another single verse call to the believers and also the final call to believers in the entire text. This helps us see that the following chapters are less ‘hard’ (instructional). This final call tells believers to return to the path of God. They ask God to perfect their light.

Vs 9-12 is the final call to the nabi and tells him to strive against those who oppose the system of peace and justice (of the tasbeeh block). Vs 10 talks about rebellious members of nuh and lut’s command even though they were close. Vs 11 talks about an opposite case, the one attached to firaun yet wanted a system in the sight of Allah. Finally Vs 12 (which closes this chapter and this chapter block itself and the first layer of summaries), mentions maryam and isa who symbolise the conception and actualisation of the message within.


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