Ramadhan 2014 Quran Reading: Day 10: 8th July – Ch 67&68

Ch 67 begins the second layer of summaries in Quran. It is also juz 29 (the 29th part out of 30). Its theme is generally more spiritual and less practical. It begins with Baraka/blessing is the one whose hand is dominion (Vs 1). He gives death and life to test which of us produces the best of deeds (Vs 2).

The chapter also speaks about the skies and the earth which helps us understand the space in which we are to produce these deeds.

Vs 6-10 is a depiction of hellfire. Vs 9 talks about these people rejecting the one who came to change them by pledgetaking. Vs 10 are people in hellfire because they refused to listen and use their reason

Vs 30 speaks of the water, perhaps referring to both physical and spiritual water. This water will help us revitalise ourselves. If it disappears , who could bring us the water as flowing springs?

Ch 68 begins with the pen with which people write. The Reader is said not to be one powered by mere capacities. Rather he is of great evolution. The Reader is told to have fortitude against those who oppose him.

Vs 17-24 uses the metaphor of the garden to instruct us about what we should set aside for those who deserved. In doing so, we are being preservant against Allah.

Vs 35-40 talks about finding another system which people study and can find whatever they choose. This shows that the essence of ‘kitab’ (God’s essential system) is explicated within the previous passage.

This chapter ends with the remind of the orally preserved dhikr which is vivified in the worlds.


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